Not buyin any of it
Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5  |  Write your own review.

“Great place to relax”

Review by chrimjon80 from Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 05, 2007
Rated 4 out of 5 -

I stayed here with my girlfriend for a week in mid January 2007. Phuket was our last stop in Thailand after visiting Bangkok and Chiangmai and the Twinpalms was the perfect place to finish off an incredible trip. The hotel, with its cool design and relaxing atmosphere, provided an outstanding place to chill out after our exciting but hectic time in Bangkok and Chiangmai.

The rooms were large and decorated perfectly for the locale. Each room has a nice and sizeable balcony/patio that provided Read more...a nice place to relax. The bed in the room was enormous, definitely the largest bed I have ever seen in any hotel. The pool was very serene. It was never very crowded in the week that I was there. While there are definitely better beaches out there (Surin beach is crowded with a multitude of proprietors that have their own restaurants and put up ugly looking beach chairs and umbrellas), the Twinpalms beach club itself was very nice and designed well.

I enjoyed the fact that the Twinpalms was not secluded like some of the other resorts in the area, i.e. Chedi and Amanpuri. It was nice to walk around the area and eat at some of the smaller restaurants. And it was nice to come back to the incredible environment provided by Twinpalms. If I make it back to Phuket, I would definitely stay here again. Collapse

“What a place, keep it secret though”

Review by joechoo from Shanghai
Aug 30, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5 -

After trying twice in the last few months to stay at Twinpalms Phuket, we finally got a three nigths Spa special.
You must try it... The Spa and its therapist are just so professional, a Dream. Saying more will only encourage anyone to visit and enjoy and make my next stay less probable so I wont...
Cant resist, the hotel is also beautiful, so much that even the few wet days did not matter. From the shade of the Library to the cover of the Beach Club we trully enjoyed our little break at Twinpalms Phuket.
Their wine list did get two Wine Spectator Awards, not bad for a Small Luxury Property in Phuket.

“Loved Twinpalms Phuket”

Review by SebastienParis from Paris
Aug 26, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5 -

What a venue, I booked this hotel directly, their website is just awsome and you get online confirmation.
I hesitated following some of the previous reviews, but let me tell you you should not think twice.
Between the room, pool, beach club and all facilities such as free internet in the hotel and in your room, it makes for a great holiday.
I cant wait to go back.

“Wonderful resort - detailed review”

Review by MAM2 from Chicago, IL
Aug 19, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5 -

On an opening note, I will try to use plain and simple English in writing this review so that readers whose first language is not English can benefit as well.

Secondly, my wife and I visited Thailand in July 2007. In researching our trip, I often visited TripAdvisor for their candid reviews and hotel photos. (Official hotel websites do a great job at making the ugly look beautiful). For this reason, I have also included many of our own candid hotel photos. Also, this review is rather long bec Read more...ause I found longer and more detailed reviews more helpful than the short “great hotel, will definitely visit again” type of review.

Lastly, I have written reviews on the following three hotels: (1) The Peninsula, Bangkok (2) The Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort and Spa, Koh Phi Phi (3) The Twinpalms, Phuket.

The Twinpalms, Puket......

My wife and I loved this resort. Of the three hotels I have rated, this was our favourite and deserves my full 5-star rating. Surin beach is a great location. There are a few other hotels in the area but I think The Twinpalms is the best situated. Other notable hotels in the area include The Chedi and Treetops. Treetops is high on the hills and quite a distant walk to the beach and main road. We visited our friends who were staying at The Chedi to check it out. It is located right on a gorgeous beach (more gorgeous than The Twinpalms’ beach), but is quite a walk to the main road and, while very nice, the hotel is in dire need of upgrades. The location of The Twinpalms is ideally situated in the area. It’s entrance is right on the beach road which makes it very easy to grab a taxi or go to a mini-mart to grab cheap drinks and snacks. The beach is less than a 2 minute walk from the hotel, which is down a dirt path right across from the hotel. All the beaches in Phuket are public beaches, but The Twinpalms has staked out a great area on Surin Beach which is not over run with locals trying to sell you handicrafts. The hotel has its own “beach club” that has an excellent restaurant (Catch), clean bathrooms, fresh water showers, and great cushioned sun-chairs for hotel guests (by far, it is the nicest beach club on the beach).

The hotel itself is gorgeous. The hotel is very modern (clean lines, simple and functional furniture, standing pools, dark woods, etc) and has only 80 rooms. Our room (a grande deluxe palm) was beautiful. My wife and I were there for our 1-year wedding anniversary and the hotel gave us a bottle of champagne, 2 dozen long-stem roses, and filled our bathtub with flowers. I imagine that the other room types are great as well. I believe the main difference between a grande deluxe palm room and a deluxe palm room (other than the room layout) is that the grande deluxe rooms have large plasma TVs and have both a glass shower stall and a bathtub, while the deluxe rooms have regular TVs and do not have a bathtub. Not having a bathtub is really no big deal. The bathtubs are on the small side and take a long time to fill up (15-20 minutes). Here’s a great tip for booking rooms at the Twinpalms to get them for really cheap. We highly recommend it. If you stay a minimum of 3 nights, it can cost you as little as $112 USD per night, which includes breakfast, taxes and service charges (which combined are about 18%). To get this deal you need to do the following. First go to the Twinpalms’ official website and click on the link for SLH (small luxury hotels of the world). Sign up for free membership (you may not have time to get the card, but at least you will get your membership ID number). This provides you with many benefits, the most important of which is free room upgrade based on availability. Book the hotel through the SLH website – they offer the same promotional rates that the official website offers, but just make sure that the rate you are quoted is the same rate given on the hotel’s website “celebrating holidays” 3 nights / 4 days. We booked the Grand Deluxe Palm and hoped to get upgraded to Grand Deluxe Lagoon, but it was unavailable for the entirety of our 6-night stay. A couple we met booked for 9 nights a Deluxe Palm room and used their SLH membership and got the free upgrade to Grand Deluxe Palm suite for their entire 9 night stay. The choice is yours – either guarantee yourself a Grand Deluxe Palm room by paying a little more and booking a Grand Deluxe Palm room and hope to upgrade to Grand Deluxe Lagoon or pay less and book a Deluxe Palm room and hope to get upgraded to the Grand Deluxe Palm. But as I said before, I think all the rooms are great. The difference between the Grand Deluxe Lagoon and The Grand Deluxe Palm is that with the Lagoon rooms, you can slip right into a private section of the pool from your porch (a novelty that wears of rather quickly I’d guess, but is nonetheless super cool).

The spa is also great. My wife had a Thai massage there (stretching massage) and said it was the best one that she had during our entire trip. However, they’re expensive relative to the massages you can get outside the hotel. Just outside the hotel on the main beach road you can get a 1 hr. massage for between 300 and 400 Baht (about $10 USD). The same prices are available right on the beach. The major difference is the cleanliness, the atmosphere, your surroundings, and the types of oils they use (if any). Personally, I’d rather have 9 1-hour massages than 1 1-hour massage.

The hotel also had some nice “surprises”. For example, they had a library with a collection of books, magazines, and games. Internet was high-speed and free. They had fantastic French fries (unusual for Thailand). And everyday they had different daily activities. For example, one rainy afternoon, my wife and I did some Batik painting (other days you could take a lotus folding class, various yoga classes, a language class, etc.). Note: in case you’d like to take a Thai cooking class, The Twinpalms does not have one, but The Chedi offers an excellent one for only $60 USD per person and is about 5 hours long and includes going to the market to pick the ingredients.

The restaurants at the hotel are great. The poolside bar offered surprisingly good food. Even though you are not near Patong, there are many choices for restaurants outside the hotel. In addition to all the restaurants at nearby hotels, there are many high-end and mid-priced restaurants in the area (including non-Thai cuisine like Japanese and Italian). Among our favourites outside the hotel were Silk and Manathai. Silk is a well-known restaurant about a 10 minute walk from the hotel, but the restaurant will come and pick you up in their shuttle for free. Manathai is just beside The Twinpalms and serves traditional Thai food. The service at Manathai is extraordinary. Manathai is in fact a hotel. I went into their grounds one day and the staff were nice enough to let me see a couple of rooms which were both beautifully decorated and ultra clean (Manathai has only been opened since February 2007). The hotel and its property are small (about 50 rooms), giving it a very warm and private feel (they still have all the basics – pool, a nice beach club, etc). Should The Twinpalms be fully booked, I think the Manathai would make an excellent second choice.

If I had to be really picky, I could find only one fault with The Twinpalms – that being the sun chairs by the pool. There are not quite enough of them and it is hard to stay in the sun the entire day because of the shadows that the many palm trees cast. However, these same attributes make the pool a beautiful sight (and may gladly force you to enjoy the wonderful beach club where there are plenty of chairs).

Some of you may be trying to decide where in Phuket you’d like to stay – i.e. in Patong Beach or outside Patong Beach. Here is my take on the choice…..Where you stay depends on your preferences. If you stay on Patong beach you will have a plethora of shops, entertainment, and restaurants within a short radius from your hotel. The only drawback is that the beach is terribly overcrowded and is very public (no hotel in Patong is on the beach, you have to walk to the beach which is over-run with sellers and you will probably end up preferring to stay poolside at your hotel). Again though, you have all the action and entertainment of Patong close by. The other option is to stay on a different beach and take a taxi to Patong if/when you decide to. Obviously, the further away you are from Patong beach the more expensive it is to get there and can cost between 200 and 1,000 baht each way ($10 to $30). From Surin Beach (where The Twinpalms is), it will cost you 400 baht one way ($12). The obvious benefit of staying outside Patong Beach is the tranquility that Patong Beach hotels do not afford. Also, hotels outside Patong are not too secluded in that there are still a few shops and restaurants to go to outside of the resort. My wife and I were of this frame of mind and simply decided to make trips into Patong when seeking some “fun”. Again though – this is really a matter of preference.

I hope this was review was helpful for you - Happy travels!!! Collapse

“Beautiful Hotel Ugly Service”

Review by claratravels from atlanta, GA
Aug 18, 2007
Rated 3 out of 5 -

On our trip to Thailand we left the incredible and perfect Pennensula Hotel to go to Phuket and stay at Twinpalms. The hotel is beautiful- so chic! The reception- bad- they acted like 15 year old girls with no hotel experience. They faked smiles and helped in no way. I even learned to speak some THai so language was no issue. The room was PERFECT! Construction noise was still going on even though I already knew that- I didn't believe it would be as bad as other TA's had mentioned- it was BAD! The restaurant Catch- terrible food and the entertainment made you want to barf! We went to Silk restaurant nearby and it was perfection!!!! I really don't know what else to say. Just if you like beauty of hotels stay here...if you want elsewhere. OHHHH I forgot! The breakfast- old cheese- sweating old cheese!

“Very Disappointing”

Review by Swindini from San Jose CA
Aug 16, 2007
Rated 1 out of 5 -

Twinpalms is beautiful. The rooms are very comfortable and extremly well appointed. Arriving at the lobby is a blissful experience. The smell of lemongrass, soothing music, welcome drink and a very warm friendly check-in experience. Check-in staff great. However, once you leave the lobby you are confromted with constuction noise from both sides. There is a high rise condo project on the northside. On the southside, Twinpalms is constructing a new 60 room complex. There goes Twinpalms "bouti Read more...que" appeal. While sittng at the pool you are confronted by stereo constuction noise. Howvever, minimal noise once inside your hotel room. Complimentary breakfast is so so, avoid dinner at all costs, terrible. Guests seems to know that in advance, attendance is low for dinner, although great options are available outside the hotel. "Carmens" was a great escape, relaxing, pasta out of this world! Beach and Gym staff are very intrusive, they will not leave you alone, smothering. Pool dirty. Overall beware of the construction noise, something that should be mentioned on Twinpalms website.. since they are reponsible for 50% of the noise. No one likes a neagative review, not fun to read or write. I would not go back. Collapse

“Perfect stay- ignore any bad reviews here!”

Review by MidnightMint from Sydney
Aug 14, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5 -

My partner and I stayed at Twin Palms for 9 nights, late July 2007. After booking and prior to my stay at Twin Palms, I read many of the reviews on TripAdvisor and was almost scared off by the comments about the construction noise. It was audible, but generally not noticeable unless you were lying around the pool. If you are going to Twin Palms only to lie around the pool 24/7, then I suppose the noise might get to you if you focused on it.. I didnt find it a problem at all though. Just request Read more...a quiet room away from the construction, prior to your arrival.

Please ignore the bad reviews claiming that staff there were rude. We stayed there for 9 nights and didnt encounter a single staff member who didnt give us a warm beaming smile every time we passed them (even including housekeepers and gardeners), I assume that the guests who received rude service must have been the types who give off arrogant vibes and rudeness themselves. Or perhaps it is a cultural clash? We are Australian, and the staff's attitude towards us was wonderful. 2 other groups of my extended family also stayed at the hotel during the same period.. it was their third stay at Twin Palms and they received great service also.

The water pressure was fantastic (we LOVE their rain showerheads!). I think we ran out of hot water once after 2-3 showers one morning (rinsing off after dips in the pool etc) so that is to be expected.

The grounds are kept in excellent, clean order. The staff were very helpful and organised car hire and a Phang Nga & Phi Phi combined boat trip for us. Room service was prompt, but be aware that some of their dishes have a LOT of chilli (even for Thai standards) and are VERY hot, so ask for mild or no chilli.

Please also ignore reviews claiming that it is not a good hotel for children. It is a great hotel for WELL BEHAVED children. If your kids are particularly unruly or rowdy then it probably isnt the place for them. However there were lots of babies and young children (up to about the age of 12) staying at the hotel during my stay.. but they were all quiet and well behaved so of course they were not offensive in any way.

Some room service meals are overpriced (ham and cheese toasted sandwich, about 280 baht?!) but others are reasonably priced for an upmarket hotel. Laundering services are costly but the minimart next door offers a (1 day) 100 baht bagwash service which I cannot recommend highly enough (our clothes were returned dried and impeccably folded, with a beautiful fabric softener scent through them). It's also a good idea to stock up on your soft drinks and munchies from the minimart as they are much cheaper than hotel minibar prices (as you will find at any hotel).

We ate at cafe/restaurants at the beachside for most of our meals (clean, wonderful mains start from about 80 baht).

We were 100% satisfied with our stay at Twin Palms. It is a beautiful hotel, with beautiful staff. Their room costs are much higher than some of the resorts in the area, but Twin Palms is a very modern, contemporary, stunning resort. If you are value conscious, you might want to look into some of the other hotels/resorts around the Laguna, which is very close to Surin Beach.

We are quite likely to stay at Twin Palms again in future. Collapse

“Heavenly Relaxed go to Twinpalms!!”

Review by Victork from Antwerpen
Aug 04, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5 -

Please do not pay a lot of attention to the reviews made by Americans!! The staff will treat you as you treat the staff!!

The staff is very nice, polite, helpfull, really everything is possible!! The rooms are spacious with nice terrace, bathroom is great with bath and big rain shower. The pools of the resort are nice
and especially in low season its quiet here because of the limited number of rooms (70) no problem to get a chair at the pool. Most of the time I was the only one in the pool w Read more...ith my girlfriend and max 2 other people. The pool bar is great and serves nice food. The restaurant of the hotel is the best of the area, really everything is on the menu is great! Beach is 5 minutes away and quiet. The beach club is with no doubt the best in the area and every friday the bbq is a must!! Top quality design, materials used, chairs etc...

The spa is a must, its a bit cheaper then Europe but quality, hygiene, professionalism is much higher!! You are the centre of attention and it will relax you totally!! Collapse

“Do not stay here!!!”

Review by wanderingPYT from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul 31, 2007
Rated 1 out of 5 -

Drop dead gorgeous hotel with unbelievably rude staff and no hot water.

Stayed at the Twin Palms for three nights while on my Southeast Asian adventure. Was especially excited to stay at such a chic and sexy hotel. The thought never crossed my mind that the staff and service would be anything but what they claimed on their website. Thoughtful unprententious service is not what we had recieved. It started out great with a warm greeting of flowers and ice cold beverage in a striking lobby. Then Read more... it went downhill after check-in. The employee that escorted us to our room had an attitude and acted as if we were interrupting his evening. Our room was stunning! Clean and ultra modern with an unbelievable bathroom. Unfortunately it was just a shell, it didn't matter that we had a giant tub or rain shower if there was no running hot water to enjoy it. We complained and again they acted like we were crazy and that they were being bothered once again. My best friend showed up for a scheduled appointment at their "spa" (not really a spa, but more like the corner hair/nail salon) only to be turned away because the woman who was supposed to do her manicure went home early. No phone call cancelling the appointment or a replacement technician. Overall a terrible experience. Especially since all of the other luxury hotels we stayed in had such impeccable service. Twin Palms fails miserably. Collapse

“Great Hotel”

Review by Aroina from Cheshire
Jul 28, 2007
Rated 4 out of 5 -

Great rooms. Very clean, comfortable beds, crisp linen. Spacious bathrooms. Contemporary design, simple but effective. Great pool. All the staff we came across were charming. Good Beach Club located 5 minutes away. A cool wine bar just 5 minutes down the road also, serving some good tapas and a reasonable wine selection. Breakfast was very good and the restaurant had a good atmosphere.

If you can, get one of the pool rooms that open onto a semi private pool. Had a complimentary 15 minute massage at the Spa which was wonderful but did not have time to go back, but would do next time.

The hotel is located next to Surin Beach which is generally a quieter area, and has one of the better beaches. There is a choice of restaurants and lots of other quality hotels nearby if you want to dine elsewhere. Styaed during the construction period and was not even aware of it happening, no disturbance.
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